Jeanne C Potter

Artist’s Statement


I go to my studio to retreat from a world of chaos of the outside world and to relish in my world of creativity and self-expression.  I am most happy when I am challenging my creative mind and producing my art. People ask me why I would choose watercolor as my medium.  They say it is so hard and that the artist is unable to fix any mistakes they may make.  I don’t find it hard, rather I discover the limitless possibilities watercolor affords me by just mixing it with the right amount of water and moving freely with the brush discovering its delicacy and strength. As I paint, I hold the inspiration with me of the watercolor masters John Singer Sargent and Winslow Homer. I find beauty in the ordinary by celebrating color, value, good composition and drawing – all that I try to convey to my students as a teacher.

I love the process.